— Blocked Drains and Drainage Services

Blocked drain, sink or toilet

A blocked sink or toilet is often the first sign that there is an issue inside your drains and pipes. Don’t wait until your house is flooded with waste water to take action and call out a plumber. Our team of skilled drainage experts have all the right tools to find what is blocking your drains and will get them clean and running efficiently for you again.

For blocked drains throughout Hawke’s Bay – Napier, Hastings and Havelock North – call the team at Cape Plumbing.

Drainage services include:

  • Drain unblocking
  • Drain laying
  • Drain camera inspections
  • Effluent systems
  • Drainage design
  • Waste water system installation
  • Rural water reticulation
  • Rainwater catchment
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Drain installation

Waste water services

If you have waste water problems, you’ll know about it straight away. For all waster water problems, call us to get it fixed fast. We also install new systems for residential and commercial properties and provide ongoing maintenance to make sure it runs smoothly.

Waste water services include:

  • Septic tank installation and maintenance
  • Wastewater installation and maintenance
  • Custom-fit design and build
  • Council and consultation

Drain layers and drainage services

Our drain layers know how to deal with drainage problems and get them fixed fast. If you have water or other liquid pooling where it shouldn’t be, you may have drainage problems. There’s no need to settle for problems with your drainage system or to put up with any unpleasant odours. For free flowing, efficient drainage or a new installation, call us today.

We provide a range of services to keep your drains clear at both the home or your place of business. As qualified plumbers and drain layers we can look at the whole system and make it perform as efficiently as possible.