— Central Heating

Central heating services and installation

There’s a central heating system to suit different budgets and lifestyles. We are heating experts and qualified central heating installers. We’ll talk you through the various options which will work best for your home in terms of comfort, efficiency and running costs.

Call us today if you want to warm up your home with a central heating system.

What’s the right solution?

The best central heating system for you will depend on your home and how much you want to heat it. We recommend underfloor systems in your living areas as ground heating is luxurious and comfortable. In bedrooms, we recommend radiator heating as they heat up quickly and have a greater response time.

Authorised central heating installers

If you’re ready to install a central heating system, talk to us about a free quote. As registered central heating installers and plumbers, we design systems that are efficient and economical. Our specialists measure the heat loss of your home to determine where and how to heat your home most effectively as heating requirements are different in every home. When we design a central heating system, we accurately calculate heat loss based on these factors.

  • Dwelling size per cubic meter
  • Materials used for construction
  • Aspect, i.e. north or south facing
  • Size and number of external walls
  • Number of windows and doors